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Best 5 landing spots for beginners in Free Fire Bermuda map

Best 5 landing spots for beginners in Free Fire Bermuda map

Garena Free Fire is an action game and has four maps for classic Battle Royale mode, as a beginner, players always search to choose the best place to land in Bermuda map of fire. players are required to make a solid and better strategy to play in the Garena Free Fire Bermuda Map. Players must select a good landing spot from where they can make the best plan and can think how can they strategize for a map like Bermuda.

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Free Fire’s Bermuda MAP Best Landing Spots:

#1 Cape Town

Cape Town is situated in the extreme east of the map and it is one of the most suitable safe locations for beginners players. as well, you can collect a huge loot from this location with plenty of weapons.

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#2 Sentosa

The second most suitable landing spot for beginners is Sentosa and is located in the south-eastern part of the Bermuda map. Sentosa’s location looks like a small island that is connected to the mainland through two bridges. also, a river along with this location. Users firstly collect the weapons to defeat their enemies and can move forward to another location.

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#3 Mars Electric

The Next best location or safe landing place is Mars Electric and Mars Electric is located in the extreme south of the map. few players like to land on this location as a result, you will face fewer opponents on this location. but, you can collect a huge amount of huge.

#4 Rim Nam Village

Players can pick up Rim Nam Village as the best landing spot on Free Fire Bermuda map. few skilled players land on this place. for the new players, it will be a suitable option.

#5 Shipyard

The one more the best landing spot is Shipyard. here, players can find a big amount of loot. however, Shipyard is not fully safe, can fight with enemies in the early minutes. The shipyard is located in the extreme North.

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such mentioned places can be best for landing and but, sometimes, players can face fights with their enemies. players can choose their own best landing spot.

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