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D-bee character in Free Fire: Abilities, how to get, and best pet combinations

D-bee character in Free Fire: Abilities, how to get, and best pet combinations

Garena Deveopleres have introduced various characters to Free Fire every patch to increase the gameplay for players. there are many characters that can be found in the game. in the Free Fire, The existing ranked system has made it very competitive and, players always look for obtaining higher tiers. so, to the rank push, it is most important to choose the appropriate characters by the players.

Each character in Free Fire possesses a distinct talent that can help players to get the Booyah. users always look for the best options that they can choose to improve their overall performance. in this article, you will find complete detail regarding D-bee In Free Fire, its Ability, Weapon, Skill Combo, And so on.

D-bee character in Free Fire

Birthday23rd Sep
  • D-bee has an extrovert personality and is very enjoyable meeting new people.
  • D-bee believes that the meaning of lives is creating, and that’s the reason why he becomes a creator

D-bee Special Survival Ability

  • Bullet Beats – When firing while moving, movement speed and accuracy increase.

The ability of D-bee in Free Fire

 UNLOCK AT LevelsUpon a successful rescue
Level-1movement speed increases by 5%, accuracy increases by 10%
Level-2movement speed increases by 7%, accuracy increases by 13%
Level-3movement speed increases by 9%, accuracy increases by 17%.
Summon airdrop playcard
Level-4movement speed increases by 11%, accuracy increases by 22%
Level-5movement speed increases by 13%, accuracy increases by 28%
Level-6movement speed increases by 15%, accuracy increases by 35%.
D-bee’s Banner

(Image Credits: Free Fire)

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