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How to get Magic Cube in Free Fire OB34 update

How to get Magic Cube in Free Fire OB34 update – As we know that the developers released the latest Free Fire OB34 patch and provided updates to the in-game store’s sections with many new collectables. players can also get new Magic Cube bundles in the dedicated section among these latest items.

  • Players can acquire the costume sets above using Magic Cubes, which can be redeemed or created using 100 Cube Fragments.

Garena Free Fire: How to get Magic Cubes after OB34 update

Diamond Royale (Lucky Royale)

  • You can find an assortment of outfits and other accessories in the Diamond Royale and is available for a fixed duration after that they become unavailable from the prize pool.
  • One must have an ample amount of Diamond Royale vouchers to spot in the Diamond Royale prize pool. the Magic Cube and Cube Fragments are two rewards.

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