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K character in Free Fire: Abilities, how to get, and best pet combinations

K character in Free Fire: Abilities, how to get, and best pet combinations

Garena Deveopleres have introduced various characters to Free Fire every patch to increase the gameplay for players. there are many characters that can be found in the game. in the Free Fire, The existing ranked system has made it very competitive and, players always look for obtaining higher tiers. so, to the rank push, it is most important to choose the appropriate characters by the players.

Each character in Free Fire possesses a distinct talent that can help players to get the Booyah. users always look for the best options that they can choose to improve their overall performance. in this article, you will find complete detail regarding K In Free Fire, its Ability, Weapon, Skill Combo, And so on.

K character in Free Fire

Birthday06th Oct
  • K was a smart kid, but like most kids his age, K didn’t take school seriously.
  • When K was 16, still a junior in high school, K got into a car crash and injured his spine.
  • k`s doctors told him K would never walk again. But K refused to give up – this would not be the end for him.
  • K went to physical therapy, did his own therapy at home, and found a trainer to help him push further.
  • In a year K was walking; in two K was playing sports. This experience taught him a few things that would stick with him for life.
  • Don’t take life for granted, K had to delve into himself to get through the experience and K learned to understand himself, his motivations as well as his place in the world.

K Special Survival Ability

  • Master of All – Max EP increases by 50. Jiujitsu Mode: Allies within 6m get a 500% increase in EP conversion rate. Psychology Mode: Recover 2 EP every {4}s, up to {6} EP. Mode switch CD 20s.

The ability of K in Free Fire

 UNLOCK AT LevelsMaster of All
Level-1Recover 2 EP every 3s, up to 100 EP. Mode switch CD 20s.
Level-2Recover 2 EP every 2.8s, up to 110 EP. Mode switch CD 20s.
Level-3Recover 2 EP every 2.6s, up to 120 EP. Mode switch CD 3s.
Summon airdrop playcard
Level-4Recover 2 EP every 2.4s, up to 130 EP. Mode switch CD: 3s.
Level-5Recover 2 EP every 2.2s, up to 140 EP. Mode switch CD 3s.
Level-6Recover 2 EP every 2s, up to 150 EP. Mode switch CD 3s.
K’s Banner

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