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List of Revised auto-rickshaw and taxi fares in New Delhi

In New Delhi, auto rides and taxi fares have increased due to rising inflation and will be an increment of Rs 15 for the base fare of the taxis in New Delhi. The three-wheelers drivers are charging an amount of Rs 1.5 per kilometre. The app-based cabs and taxis already raised their prices. the main reason behind increasing fares is the hike in oil prices in the global market. India imports most of its crude oil.

New Fares for Autos and Cabs in New Delhi

VehicleNew FareOld Fare
Taxis Rs 40Rs 25
Auto-rickshawsRs 30 (metre down fees)Rs 25
Taxis Per KM charge (AC)Rs 20Rs 15-16
Taxis per KM charge (Non-AC)Rs 17Rs 14
Autos (Per KM)Rs 11Rs 9.5

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