New GST Rates 2022: New GST Rates come into effect from July 18

New GST Rates 2022: The new GST rates have come into effect from July 18th, 2022 and The new GST tax structure was decided during the 47th meeting of the GST Council that took place last month in Chandigarh. As per the New GST Rates 2022, food items including products like paneer, rice, wheat, jaggery, curd, and lassi are pre-packaged and labeled and have become costlier. 

These day-to-day household items will have a 5% GST from July 18. Dried makhana, puffed rice, meslin flour, labeled meat, and fish have been included in a 5% GST slab. The GST rates for hotels and bank services are increased and The new GST rates for Bank services including the fee charged by banks for issuing cheques and have been put into an 18% slab. Hotel rooms will be charged a 12 percent GST.

New GST Rates on Food Items

  • Curd, Lassi, Buttermilk -5% GST
  • Paneer-5% GST
  • Rice, Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oats- 5% GST
  • Natural Honey -5% GST
  • Flattened Rice, Puffed rice (Muri), (Chira), parched rice (khoi), rice coated with Sugar (Murki) – 5% GST
  • Rice Flour -5% GST
  • Wheat & Meslin Flour- 5% GST
  • Jaggery of all types including Cane Jaggery (gur), Palmyra Jaggery – 5% GST
  • Khandsari Sugar -5% GST
  • Tender coconut water – 12% GST

New GST Rates 2022: 

Food Items- 5 percent GST – pre-packed, labeled food items including rice, wheat, atta, paneer, curd, jaggery, lassi, buttermilk, labeled meat (except frozen), and fish. 

tetra packs – 18 percent GST 

Hospital Rooms- Hospital rooms with rent above Rs 5,000 – 5 percent GST

Maps and Charts- Maps and charts including atlases – 12 percent GST

Bank Services- Fees charged by banks for issue of cheques – 18 percent GST

Diamonds: The GST rate on cut and polished diamonds – 1.5 per cent.

Leather-The GST rate on finished leather – 12 per cent GST

Hotels-  hotel rooms up to Rs 1,000 per day – 12 per cent GST

Printing/ Drawing Ink- The GST rate for printing, drawing ink, writing, pencil sharpners, paper knives, knives with cutting blades, LED lamps and marking out instruments – 18 percent GST. 

Solar Heaters-The GST on solar water heaters – 12 percent GST. 

Work contract services- The GST rate for work contract services such as bridges, roads, metro, railways, crematoriums and treatment plans – is 18 percent GST. 

Milling machinery- The GST Rate on machines used in mills or cereals industry is 18 % now from 5 percent. 

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